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Regional Resources aims to provide complete Engineering and Contracting Services

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Piling system

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provides a complete design and construction solution for foundation engineering

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Our partners

Human resources

* President Of Establishment (Eng/Abdullah Ayed Al-Anzi) .

* Project Manager (Eng/Ghassan Jalal) .

* Executive and administration Manager (Eng/Mohammed Yaman) .

* Contracts and Tenders Manager (Eng/Abd Al-Razzak Al-Mustafa).

* Financial Manager (M.r / Yasser Karmy).

* Accountant Manager (M.r/Mouataz Al-Teir) .

* HRD Officer (M.r/Fayez Al-Anzi).

* Secretary Manager (M.r/Ahmed Ramadan).

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  • call +966 920002652.

Our news!


Now we are openning in King Khaled St. Nakhel district, Dammam, KSA


Our partners